Host Dan Callahan is joined by comedian Paul Carson to list a secret meatloaf on Facebook Marketplace. What makes the meatloaf so secret, you may ask... it's an old family recipe that was snuck into prison in this very textbook multiple times per month since 2009. Surely it will attract the attention of former cons browsing Facebook in South Jersey - tune-in to see if the boys find a buyer!

Watch the full video:


  • 0:00:00 Intro: Paul Carson
  • 0:05:51 Meatloaf in a Book
  • 0:07:53 Creating The Listing
  • 0:11:40 Universal Dirtbag Car
  • 0:14:51 Shopping at Goodwill
  • 0:18:26 Rock Climbers
  • 0:19:51 Facebook Marketplace Reactions
  • 0:23:42 We Have a Buyer
  • 0:32:06 Jo Ann Recap
  • 0:32:51 Trading Onions
  • 0:36:51 Wrapping Up

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