Two Guido roommates from North Jersey became addicted to eating ravioli by the pitcher, so Dan stepped in to help them get rid of their pitchers of ravioli on Facebook Marketplace. Little did they know about the adventure they were embarking on, which was full of im-pastas... Tune in to find out what happened to the pitcher of ravioli and their crippling pasta addiction.

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  • 0:00 Intro: Ryan & Misbah
  • 2:14 Crazy Online Selling Interactions
  • 6:33 Pitcher of Ravioli
  • 9:59 Creating The Listing
  • 11:12 Elon Musk Tweet
  • 14:16 The Pizza Puppet
  • 18:08 Facebook Marketplace Reactions
  • 21:45 We Have A Buyer
  • 26:03 The Delivery to Victoria
  • 29:05 Victoria Recap

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